Frequently Asked Questions


Does your food contain milk?
No, none of our recipes contain milk as an ingredient. Our name is a metaphor for wholesome, healthy nourishment.
What are the health benefits of your fresh made food?
It’s common knowledge that a clean, healthy diet is not only good for you but makes you feel great too. That also goes for pets, and pets that switch to our fresh-made food enjoy increased energy levels, better hydration, better breath, a shinier coat, and even a less stinky stool. In addition, we use natural ingredients that promote bone, heart, and eye health, and our meals are packed with antioxidants that ward off inflammation and degenerative diseases.
Where do you source your ingredients?
We like to keep it local, so every ingredient that goes into our recipes is sourced from human-grade food vendors in Colorado. Buying from human-grade suppliers ensures the highest level of quality and freshness and helps us to fulfill our pledge to only make food that we’d gladly eat ourselves.
Why human grade?
All of our ingredients are USDA certified for human consumption, and thus pass a much higher bar of safety and quality than the stuff that goes into non human-grade pet food. We think that our pets should have the same access to clean, healthy food that we enjoy, and the first step to accomplishing that is sourcing high quality, natural ingredients.
How are your recipes formulated?
Our recipes are formulated to meet the pet food nutrient profiles established by AAFCO, the organization that sets pet food standards in the United States. All of our recipes undergo rigorous testing at independent feed labs to ensure that they constitute a complete source of pets’ daily nutritional requirements.
How is your food made?
We start by sourcing high quality human-grade ingredients from local vendors. Then, we cook all recipes on a weekly basis to ensure the freshness of our product. Our recipes are prepared using simple home-cooking techniques that would feel right at home in your kitchen.
Is your food grain-free?
Whole grains can be a good source of energy and nutrition in a pet’s diet, so we do use them in some of our recipes. However, we do offer grain-free options for both dogs and cats.
Should I consult my vet before feeding my pet Milk Homemade Pet Food?
All of our recipes are balanced by experienced small animal nutritionists. Also, like most pet food sold in the US, our meals are compliant with the AAFCO nutrition standards for dog and cat food. This means that our food is a complete source of your pet’s dietary requirements, so healthy pets won’t have any problems switching to our meals. However, if your dog or cat has specific health issues, it’s always a good idea to consult your vet first.


Where do you deliver?
We ship our meals frozen to anywhere in the continental US using UPS.
How much is delivery?
Delivery charges can vary depending on your area. For more details, please visit our shipping policy.
Do I need to refrigerate the food? Can I freeze it?
We ship our meals frozen, using an insulated box packed with ice packs and/or dry ice. The food may arrive partially thawed, but as long as they're cold to touch, they’re all safe to eat. Refrigerate the pouches that you'll be serving soon, and place the rest in the freezer. Thaw pouches the night before serving.

Our treats do NOT require refrigeration.
How should I prepare the food?
Our food is delivered fully cooked. Although it isn’t necessary, warming the meals may improve their appeal, so we recommend either immersing the meal pouches in hot water, or mixing some hot water into the food before serving.
How do I know how much to feed my pet?
Refer to the Feeding Directions on the back of each meal pouch to get a rough estimate of your pet's portion sizes.
Alternatively, sign up for a Meal Plan, and let us take care of portioning. We’ll ask for a little bit of information about your dog or cat, and then use a veterinarian-approved algorithm to estimate your pet’s daily portion sizes.


What is a Meal Plan?
Our Meal Plans allow you to treat your pets to our fresh-made food while saving money and the environment. You tell us a little bit about your pets, and we figure out their optimum daily portion sizes. Then, we deliver fresh, pre-portioned meals straight to your door on a weekly basis.

Customers in Boulder city area, get their meals delivered in re-usable packaging: Instead of tossing the packaging when you're done with it, leave it for our courier to pick up on the next delivery, and we'll give it a thorough wash before putting it back into circulation.
What are half portions?
Half portions mean we will be supplying half of their daily calories and you will be supplying the rest. Meals should be mixed with your pet’s current food as as a fresh complement to their diet.
Where do you deliver?
Our meal plans are available across the continental US. We ship using UPS Ground and UPS 2-Day Air. If you have questions about shipping or would like a detailed quote, drop us a line at
How do deliveries work?
For residents of Boulder, CO: Meal plans are delivered straight to your door by our own couriers. We deliver every Monday, between 1 pm and 7 pm. If you’re not home to take the delivery in person, we’ll leave the food outside your door in a thermal tote that will keep it refrigerated for several hours.

Outside of Boulder: After your two-week trial, you’ll automatically receive shipments on a custom schedule specific to your pet’s mealtime needs. We deliver on a regular basis so they’ll never run out of food.
When do I get charged?
We charge every 7 days, starting on the day that you sign up.
What should I expect during the transition week?
Most dogs and cats benefit from gradual changes to their diet, so we always ship a week of transition meals at the beginning of any new full meal plan. (We do not send a transition week for half meal plans.)

During the transition week, you will be mixing your pets' existing food with ever larger portions of our fresh made meals, until you get to the final portion which fully replaces the old food.

Your pet may have a runnier stool in the beginning, or even vomiting if they have a sensitive stomach. Neither should last long. If they continue, please pause feeding and contact your vet.
How do I change my recipe selection?
Once you’ve subscribed to a meal plan, you can change your recipe selection at any time on your Account Page.
Can I skip deliveries for certain weeks?
You can skip future deliveries on the Manage Payment page. Click Manage, then click Upcoming Orders to view a list of upcoming charges. Click Skip for the the weeks you’d like to skip.
Can I cancel at no charge?
Absolutely! Meal plans can be canceled at any time on the Manage Subscriptions page, or contact us.