Rethinking Pet Food


Milk is simple, natural, nourishment. It embodies the ideals that we strive for in our pet food.

Like farm fresh milk in old times, our product is delivered straight to your door, not long after it’s made. This means we don’t have to process or preserve our food to make it shelf stable; instead, we use fresh ingredients and traditional home-cooking to create clean food for pets.


by Gleb, Co-founder

Milk is driven by a simple philosophy: Feed others how you want to be fed.

In other words, whether we’re serving people or pets, we don’t believe in making food that we wouldn’t eat ourselves.

Most mass market pet food, whether kibble or canned wet food, is engineered to maximize shelf life and profits. That’s why it typically contains cheap fillers like corn meal and brewer’s rice, and is either dehydrated or pumped full of preservatives (or both). For us, it fails the “would I eat this” test by a pretty wide margin.

We couldn’t imagine subsisting on a diet of canned food and/or dry kibble for our entire lives, and we don’t want that for our pets either. That’s why, years ago, my partner and I tried switching our cat, Miles, to a nutritionist-designed diet of fresh food made in our own kitchen. Not long after the switch, we noticed that Miles was more energetic and playful than before -- he seemed to have acquired an extra spring to his step. Furthermore, the new diet eliminated his chronic dehydration issues, and vastly improved both his breath and the smell of his litter.

Seeing these improvements inspired us to share the benefits of fresh-made pet food with the world, starting with our community here in Boulder, CO.


Sustainability has been one of our core values from the outset, and it informs every decision we make as a company.

We know from personal experience that most pet food produces a lot of waste in the form of discarded packaging. Whether you’re going through a bag of kibble every few weeks, or a few cans of wet food every day, you end up throwing out a lot of used packaging over time.

One of our goals in starting Milk was to attack this problem. We wanted to see if we could create an alternative solution for packaging pet food that could eliminate waste while remaining convenient for our customers.

Our Meal Plans for are the realization of that goal. We deliver our meal plans using completely reusable packing, which we collect, wash, and reuse.