Introducing Milk Homemade Pet Food

Like the milkmen of a bygone era, we deliver fresh, wholesome nourishment to your doorstep. Only instead of milk, we serve up healthy, home cooked pet food.

We believe that a fresh, natural diet is the cornerstone of a long and happy life. That’s why we cook in small batches using premium ingredients, preparing delectable recipes that your pets will love.


Knowing what goes into your diet is important for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The same goes for our pets. You can stay informed about what your pets are eating by reviewing the ingredients listed on their food’s packaging. Keep in mind that ingredients are always listed in order of weight, which means the first ingredient is the main ingredient.



We make our food to order instead of stocking it on store shelves. That’s how we’re able to avoid using preservatives or heavy processing and instead rely on simple home cooking to prepare our food.

All of our ingredients are USDA certified for human consumption, and thus pass a much higher bar of safety and quality than the stuff that goes into non human-grade pet food. We think that our pets should have the same access to clean, healthy food that we enjoy, and the first step to accomplishing that is sourcing high quality, natural ingredients.

Our chefs work with an experienced veterinary nutritionist to formulate holistic recipes designed for carnivores. That’s why we always use real meat, fish, or poultry as our main ingredients. We ensure that our recipes are a complete source of nutrition for your pets by balancing them to meet the AAFCO nutrient requirements for dogs and cats.

Save time, money, and the environment with a Meal Plan. Just tell us a little bit about your pets and select the recipes you wish to receive, and we'll deliver pre-portioned meals to your door, twice a week, using our zero-waste packaging.


At Milk, we’re serious about minimizing waste and reducing our environmental footprint. That’s why we’re taking a radically different (and yet old-school) approach to the way we deliver our food.

Local subscribers to our Meal Plans will have their food delivered in 100% reusable packaging:

  • Meals are individually portioned in sturdy silicone pouches, which are packed in reusable cooler bags.
  • Our couriers make deliveries straight to your door, and collect your used packaging from the previous delivery.
  • We give your packaging a thorough wash before using it for your next batch of food.


We make all our food in small batches in our Boulder kitchen. We don’t have a big factory, and we don’t use third parties to prepare our food. Instead, our in-house chefs start by sourcing fresh, restaurant-quality ingredients from local markets. Then, they handcraft each meal within a day of its delivery. This is how we ensure that our customers receive only the freshest, highest quality pet food.